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With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
Clear Window Vinyl Material is stocked in thickness of 20 to 40 gauge and  a variety choices including Extruded, Press Polished Sheets & Poly-carbonate Sheets. The most popular use of these opaque plastic vinyl's are for marine canopies but are also used for deck/gazebo enclosures, golf carts, car convertible tops, etc.
  • Extruded Window Vinyl Plastic Extruded Window Vinyl Plastic
    An economical Extruded Window Vinyl Plastic most commonly used in boat canvas. Can be sewn just like canvas. Double Polished, UV resistant and rated to -20 degrees Celsius cold crack.
  • Strataglass Window Vinyl Strataglass Window Vinyl
    Strataglass is a premium pressed polished and coated vinyl window material. The high performance features found in Strataglass are due to a polymer coating used to seal in plasticizers. This unique coating offers extreme scratch resistance, exceptional transparency, dirt resistance and long life.
  • Regalite Window Vinyl Regalite Window Vinyl
    Regalite Window Vinyl is a press polished window material with good optical clarity and durability. Regalite® window material is a standard marine grade window material manufactured from thermoplastic clear vinyl material with a highly polished finish that results in a soft, flexible, press-polished sheet.
  • Crystal Flex Lexan Crystal Flex Lexan
    Crystal Flex Clear Lexan Resin 30 Gauge is made of 100% poly carbonate and comes uncoated with a clear protective glazing. Due to the Lexan resin, Crystal Flex may be used in areas that are exposed to high temperatures, including 140-160 degree water temperature. Crystal Flex is easily cleaned with mild soap and water and is an excellent choice for marine enclosures and automobiles.
  • SunBlocker Clips SunBlocker Clips
    SunBlocker Clips also known as stand-off clips helps prevent your boat top window vinyl from being scorched or marred by your metal frame. Easily snaps on to the bar. Use a sufficient amount to push the window plastic away from the frame.

Window Vinyl Plastic

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