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What Should You Consider Before Changing Your Vehicle Upholstery?

Posted by on 11/15/2016 to Blog

When we are thinking about buying a new car, sometimes it is because we are tired of the old one and want to upgrade, or it has mechanical issues or just simply that we are unhappy with the worn and tattered interior after miles and miles of use.

If your case is the latter, then there is a simpler and far less expensive option of changing the upholstery of your car to give the interior a shiny new look. Many people however have no idea how to go about giving their vehicle interior a revamp. In this article, we explain some of the things you should think about before going ahead to change your car upholstery.

Think about the material

Changing your vehicle upholstery gives you the freedom to choose whether to go with leather or cloth as the material used on the seats and other parts of the car interior. Obviously, if you are just changing certain elements and not the whole interior, it makes sense to stick with the current material.

For example if your car seats are made of leather, it would make very little sense to change one seat to have leather upholstery and leave the other seats covered with cloth if your target is to change the upholstery of just one seat. Leather upholstery has certain advantages over cloth upholstery, in that it stains less easily and is much easier to clean than cloth upholstery. Also, if you are sensitive to allergens, leather seats tend to hold less allergen like dust and pollen than cloth upholstery and so might work best for you.

Think about other elements of the interior

Changing your car upholstery in its totality involves changing not just the seat covers but also replacing or repairing door panels, vinyl roof covers, dashboards and other elements of the interior. Obviously, the more stuff you change, the more pricey the total job will be and the newer the car will look. Consider what you want to change and find a professional contractor to advice on what can be changed in your specific model of automobile and what cannot be changed.

Think about the colour

As you change your car’s upholstery, it is a good moment to reflect on what colours work best for you. If you don’t often carry pets or don’t have young children who are prone to spilling things in the car, you can safely go with cream, white or ivory interiors. These give a classy, elegant look but are notoriously prone to staining. If your car interior is likely to suffer spillage or grease smears, these colors are a terrible idea. You are much safer going with dark hues that don’t show stains or dirt easily and so negate the need for constant cleaning or early replacement.

Thinks about the car bolster

One of the areas of the car seat that is likely to wear out faster than all the other parts is the bolster. This is the curved areas on the side of the car seat. This area wears out much faster than the rest because it where people apply the most weight when getting in and out of the vehicle. When you are upholstering your car, consider asking your car upholsterer to apply extra padding on the bolster area to make it more firm and to make it less susceptible to wear and tear.

Think about the upholsterer

As with every other service, it is highly recommended that you find a reputable and professional upholsterer to change your car’s upholstery. The final look and the durability of your new car interior will in large part depend on the quality of work that is put into the interior in the first place. Also, professional upholsterers will offer you advice on colours, the different kinds of automotive upholstery fabrics and many other elements of the upholstery change. If need be, ask your social circle for recommendations on the best vendor to help change your vehicle upholstery.

All in all, changing your vehicle upholstery can go a long way to giving your car a new and fresh look. However, it is important to get the above elements correct because they will determine the quality and durability of the finished job.

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