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Top Ways To Use Bungee Chords Around Your Home

Posted by on 10/17/2016 to Blog

The word bungee chords for most people paint a picture of bungee jumping in their minds. The few who have bungee chords at home leave them lying around in the garage or house and use them once in a while to secure items. What most people are unaware of is that there are many surprising ways to use a bungee chord around the home. Find out more ways to use bungee chords in your home.

Use bungee chords as a second panel holder

It does not make sense why a double curtain rod costs double the price of a single rod. This is very frustrating since the second panel does not usually focus the window treatment.  Instead of buying a double curtain rod, you can work with a single rod and fit the bungee chords between the fittings and place your sheer panels on it. The bungee chords take a short time to fit and the front panels hide the chords to give a clean finish.

Use bungee chords to hold garbage can lids

However tight garbage can lids are, they eventually lose their grip and become lose with time. They easily get knocked over by strong winds which mean garbage gets strewn all over. If you come from an area that is prone with raccoons, they can be very annoying and they do all they can to get to garbage bins to scavenge for food. Use bungee chords to fasten garbage can lids securely to keep the garbage from being blown off or get raided by critters.

Replace old bag handles with bungee chords

Sometimes the first things to wear off in a bag are the handles, though the bag could still be in a good condition. You don’t have to throw away the whole bag. Use bungee chords to replace old handles. Bungee chords come in various colors so that means you can choose one that matches your bag and even change them to suit your mood on a particular day.

Use bungee chords to steady groceries and bags in the car

You can hook shopping bags on bungee chords and then wrap the chord around the headrest over the ends. This keeps your bags steady and you avoid spilling shopping contents all over your car when you make hard turns or when you hit sudden brakes. You don’t have to keep getting frustrated due to spilled groceries all over your car.

Use bungee chords to exercise

More people are adopting resistance bands in their exercise routines to burn fats in different parts of the body. Not everyone can afford these bands. Use bungee chords as a cheap alternative. You can use a broom handle to fashion a small handle at the ends to hold the chords easily. No need to leave your bungee chords lying in the garage while you can use them to exercise.

Use bungee chords to windproof your tablecloths

A picnic seems like a fantastic idea until you get to set your tablecloth. It can be very frustrating to set a picnic tablecloth, especially on a very windy day. Use two bungee chords and stretch them across the picnic table to hold the tablecloth in place. This will ensure you have a good picnic and don’t need to worry about the tablecloth being blown off.

Use bungee chords to secure your ironing board cover

Some clothing needs to be ironed in precision. Sometimes the cover on the ironing board just refuses to cooperate and it keeps sliding off making ironing hard. Use two or three bungee chords to hold the cover in place to allow you iron without too much movement.

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