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With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
  • Sunguard Outdoor Thread Sunguard Outdoor Thread
    Sunguard® Outdoor Thread is twisted and bonded through a state-of-the-art bonding and dying process, to ensure the highest quality of colorfastness and performance. Sunguard® Thread matches Sunbrella® Fabrics and works great for outdoor projects such as Bimini Tops, Marine/Boat Cushions, Awnings, Patio Furniture, etc.
  • SunStop Outdoor Thread SunStop Outdoor Thread
    SunStop® Outdoor Thread is a high performance twisted multifilament polyester sewing thread with advanced UV protection and non-wicking finish specially designed for outdoor applications where seam strength retention and fade prevention during UV exposure are required. The advanced UV protection reduces strength degradation over traditional filament polyesters while reducing colour loss or fading. The non-wicking finish helps reduce moisture migration through the seams.
  • Gore-Tex Tenara Thread Gore-Tex Tenara Thread
    Gore-Tex® sewing thread will not deteriorate from exposure to the elements. It's an ideal choice for sewing outdoor fabric products, because it's immune to ultraviolet degradation, the primary cause of seam failure. Guaranteed for the life of your canvas.
  • #69 Bonded Nylon Thread #69 Bonded Nylon Thread
    #69 Bonded 3 Ply Nylon Thread is known for it's excellent sew ability, high strength, resistance to abrasion, wear, and its controlled stretch and recovery properties. #69 Nylon Thread is used in a variety of sewing operations ranging from automotive, apparel, footwear to government contract work.
  • Hand Sewing Thread Hand Sewing Thread
    Hand Sewing Thread has both the strength and abrasion resistance required for hand sewing. It is very heavy to allow strong pulls and can be used with confidence. Excellent resistance to abrasion, wear, rot and mildew.
  • Koban Thread Koban Thread
    Koban Thread by Coats® is an excellent multi-purpose thread for general upholstery, leathers, vinyl's, canvases and knit goods. The thread consists of a filament core of polyester with a cover of cotton.
  • Star Ultra Dee B-92 Thread Star Ultra Dee B-92 Thread
    Star Ultra Dee B-92 polyester Thread by Coats® has excellent resistance to UV rays, micro-organisms, mildew, acids and other chemicals. Excellent sew-ability with less pucker, providing for optimum operator and sewing machine efficiencies.


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