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With Your Vision & Our Products,
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Sluyter Super Slip Silicone - 14 oz

Part Number:CLE7-002
Sluyter Super Slip Silicone - 14 oz
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Sluyter Super Slip Silicone was developed in and is manufactured in Canada.

 Super Slip Silicone is a premium quality multipurpose silicone lubricant and release agent. It provides excellent performance for lubricating applications up to 206 C. The fast drying and non-staining characteristic of super slip silicone, makes this product suitable on applications in the drapery and upholstery industries. Prevents rusting and corrosion on metals. Can be used to waterproof electronics and ignition systems on automobiles. Anywhere friction is causing problems, silicone can be used to reduce it.

  Super Slip Silicone is a widely used lubricant for sewing, cushion stuffing and cutting tables. Use on foams and paddings, inside covers for ease of placing cushions in covers, on needles, feed plates and table surfaces to prevent sticking when sewing, and on blades, tables and dies for cutting. Invisible product leaves no trace on fabrics. Also invaluable as general lubricant for joints, hinges, sliders, blades, etc.

   Flammable Aerosol. Do not apply Super Slip Silicone to surfaces that may require paint or other coatings to be applied to. This will impede the adhesion of the coating. Avoid spraying on floors, as this makes them very slippery.

Volume: 14 ounce

Sold each.

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