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With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
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  • Phifertex Plus Phifertex Plus
    Phifertex Plus is a coated in vinyl that is stain resistant, mildew & resistant. It drains quickly, and it offers a great deal more shade than standard Phifertex® Regular when used for patio umbrellas and awnings
  • Phifertex Solids Phifertex Solids
    An innovative and extremely functional fabric, Phifertex® is made of polyester threads coated in vinyl. The result? An aesthetically pleasing, loosely woven fabric perfect for outdoor applications. It can offer partial shade when transformed into awnings, umbrellas, or other coverings.
  • Phifertex Cane Wicker Phifertex Cane Wicker
    Phifertex® Cane Wicker is a 100% PVC Wicker Weave designed specifically for sling-type furniture applications. Phifertex® is an antimicrobial, stain and mildew resistant material with an open weave that is waterproof and drains quickly.
  • Sunbrella Sling Fabric Sunbrella Sling Fabric
    Sunbrella® Sling is a patented performance fabric that combines the exceptional strength of vinyl yarns with the softness of Sunbrella®. These extremely durable outdoor fabrics are primarily used in sling chair applications. Sunbrella® Sling is fade and stain resistant, and provides a sleek designer look and effortless maintenance.

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