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With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
With Your Vision & Our Products,
Anything's Possible
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  • Cargo Mesh Netting Cargo Mesh Netting
    Knit nylon Cargo Mesh Netting is commonly used for Laundry Bags, Laundry Nets, Cargo Nets, Containment Nets, Athletic Bags, Luggage Pockets, Seat Pockets and Bath Hampers.
  • Phifer Suntex Mesh Fabric Phifer Suntex Mesh Fabric
    Phifer® Suntex Mesh Fabric is a superior exterior shading fabric made of strong vinyl-coated polyester. This fabric was originally developed for outdoor furniture. Phifer® Suntex mildew and fade resistant and is ideal for use as a shading fabric on exterior roll shades, awnings, umbrellas and custom gazebos.
  • Phifertex Plus Mesh Fabric Phifertex Plus Mesh Fabric
    Phifertex® Plus Mesh Fabric is a coated in vinyl that is stain resistant, mildew & resistant. It drains quickly, and it offers a great deal more shade than standard Phifertex® Solid when used for patio umbrellas and awnings.
  • Phifertex Solid Mesh Fabric Phifertex Solid Mesh Fabric
    An innovative and extremely functional fabric, Phifertex® Solid Mesh Fabric is made of polyester threads coated in vinyl. The result? An aesthetically pleasing, loosely woven fabric perfect for outdoor applications. It can offer partial shade when transformed into awnings, umbrellas, or other coverings.
  • Phifertex SunScreen  Shade Mesh Fabric Phifertex SunScreen Shade Mesh Fabric
    Phifer® SunScreen is a woven vinyl-Coated fiberglass screening manufactured for the primary use of reducing solar heat gain in the summer and reducing heat loss in the winter.
  • Sunbrella Sling Mesh Fabric Sunbrella Sling Mesh Fabric
    Sunbrella® Sling Mesh Fabric is a patented performance fabric that combines the exceptional strength of vinyl yarns with the softness of Sunbrella®. These extremely durable outdoor fabrics are primarily used in sling chair applications. Sunbrella® Sling is fade and stain resistant, and provides a sleek designer look and effortless maintenance.
  • Safety Vest Mesh Fabric Safety Vest Mesh Fabric
    Safety Vest Mesh visibility plain weave, open mesh fabrics comprised of 20% high tenacity polyester yarn and 80% flexible foamed PVC. The PVC coating is pigmented with daylight fluorescent orange pigment.
  • Economical Mesh Economical Mesh
    Inexpensive multi purpose mesh available in both Regular and Heavy Duty versions.
  • Jersey Mesh Fabric Jersey Mesh Fabric
    Shiny Polyester Jersey Mesh Fabric. This shiny, 100% polyester jersey mesh is wrinkle resistant and holds its shape exceptionally well. Quick drying with resistance to stretching and shrinkage, this material is an excellent choice for sports jerseys and other athletic apparel.
  • Cubicle Curtain Mesh Cubicle Curtain Mesh
    Cubicle Curtain Mesh is Flame Retardant, Mildew Resistant and made of high denier nylon material that will withstand repeated washing or dry cleaning.
  • Meshed Boat Seat Bottom Lining Meshed Boat Seat Bottom Lining
    A tightly woven, exterior, under-seat mesh designed to hide the material it covers while allowing moisture to escape. 100% polyester scrim with 100% polyvinyl chloride coating for superior tensile strength.
  • Mosquito Netting Mosquito Netting
    Mosquito netting is worth the investment for those exposed to outdoor weather in warm, humid climates. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly way to ward off those pesky creatures known for causing irritating bites and spreading disease. Netting is lightweight to pack, reasonably priced, and can provide secure protection for outdoor adventures when insect bites are a real concern.

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