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How To Upholster A Dining Room Chair Yourself

Posted by on 11/18/2016 to Blog

Buying new furniture is expensive and sometimes, you might realize that the only thing you wish to change is the upholstery to make the chair look brand new again. It could also be that you are changing the look of your house and the chair upholstery no longer matches with the interior of your house.

Whatever the case might be, with the right upholstery tools, it is easy to upholster your dining room chairs to look brand new and to acquire the look that you desire. In this article, we explain some quick and easy steps that you can take to change the look of your chairs.

Start by removing the seat of the chair

Depending on how the seat is fixed to the chair, it can be as easy as simply turning the chair upside down and gently pushing the seat out or it might involve using a screw driver in case the seat is screwed in place. Most dining room chairs seats are however not screwed in and are usually held together by brackets on the lower side of the chair. Pushing the seat out while the chair is held upside down will often do the trick.

Assess the padding of the seat

Once you have the seat out, consider if you need to change the padding of the seat. Usually, if you have to do this, it will make the process extremely complicated and involves additional steps and material. Luckily, unless the seat is damaged, there is usually no need to change the padding on the seat as most of the damage and tear tends to be on the fabric itself. Assuming that you do not need to change the padding, measure out the dimensions of the seat, taking care to note the length, width and depth of the seat.

Purchase upholstery fabric

Once you have the dimensions, go out and purchase the kind of fabric that you require. There is a wide variety of colours, fabrics and textures that are available. The kind of material you use will depend on how much you use the chairs. If the chairs are only used occasionally, you can get away with a lighter material. If the chairs are constantly used or are prone to having spillages on them, then go for heavy duty and durable fabrics.

A good upholstery fabric shop will advise on what works best for you if you explain to them exactly what you are looking for. Ensure that you have bought a little more than you need to change all your dining chairs as some of the fabric will be wasted during the cutting and trimming process.

Cut the fabric along the seat

Spread the fabric wrong side up on a flat surface, place the seat on the fabric and carefully cut around the seat ensuring that there is enough material on all sides to go around the seat. Before you cut, ensure that the seat in aligned to the patterns on the fabric (if any) so that if the strips are meant to be horizontal or vertical, then they are neatly aligned to the chair. Cut with a fabric shear or a good pair of scissors that can be purchased at any outlet that sells upholstery tools.

Wrap the fabric around the seat

While still placed wrong side up, wrap the fabric carefully along the edges of the seat and staple in place ensuring that the fabric is straight and lying flat on the sides of the seat. If done correctly, the fabric should be smoothly stretched along the seat and should not be bunched up either in the middle of the seat or between the staples. If you make a mistake, remove the staples and try again until you end up with the right results.

Return seat

Once done and after ensuring that any excess cloth is trimmed out, replace the seat back on to the chair and proceed to the next chair for the same process.

As you can see, changing the upholstery on your dining room chairs is easy and fast if you have the right tools. Give your dining room a new look by reupholstering your dining room chairs now!

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