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How To Protect Your Car Upholstery Fabric From A Pet Mess

Posted by on 10/24/2016 to Blog

As much as we love and value our pets, we sometimes tend to leave them at home as we travel to avoid the mess they make on the car upholstery fabric. You don’t have to leave your dog or cat behind anymore. One way to solve this problem is by upgrading your car upholstery fabric by having materials that are easy to clean and that cannot be easily damaged by your pet. Here are some of the tips for keeping your car upholstery clean as you travel with your pet.

Groom your pet

If your cat or dog is a nervous shedder, ensure you comb or brush it before leaving the house. This helps to keep excessive hair out of your car upholstery. Make sure that you wash your pet once in a while to remove any dirt particles that can stick to its fur. If you decide to go hiking with your pet, ensure that you clean off any debris that may have stuck on their fur or paws before they get back in the car.

Restrain your pet

Restraining your pet while you travel helps to contain and minimize the mess it makes in your car. You can use the seat belt harness or place it in a crate to control the animal’s movement in the car as you drive. Restraining your pet to one area in your car makes it easy to clean the area you contain it.

Protect your car seats

Invest in durable seat covers that can withstand scratches and multiple cleanings to protect your car upholstery fabric. It is cheaper to invest in seat covers than having to replace your entire car upholstery fabric once they get damaged. Most seat covers are easy to remove and can easily be installed back once cleaned. There are a variety of seat covers to choose from ensure you choose one that will keep your pet from sliding off as you drive around.

Assemble a cleaning kit

When you plan a long drive with your pet, always have a supply of cleaning equipment to clean up any mess your pet may make along the way. Stock items like pet wipes, paper towels, microfiber towels, plastic bags, pet brush, a spare of bottle water and a slobber cloth if your pet has a tendency to drool. Make sure you clean your car seats as soon as you reach your destination to avoid dirt and drool from sticking in your car seats.

Use old T-shirts on heavy shedding pets

If your dog or cat is a heavy shedder, cover it with one of your old T-shirts. Tie knots in loose areas around their lower belly so that it fits well. This helps to contain the amount of fur that the pet sheds and as much as it may not contain all the fur, it surely helps to avoid fur from flying around as you drive. Make sure you use a lightweight T-shirt so that your pet does not get uncomfortable.

Clean your car regularly

Ensure that you clean your car every time you take a ride with your pet to keep away odours from your car seats. Leave your car doors open for a while to ventilate the car and to get rid of any dampness the pet may have left in the car. If you still experience odours in your car after you ventilate it, you can apply baking soda on the affected areas and then vacuum after 24 hours to permanently get rid of the bad smell. Invest in fresheners and ensure you take your car to professional cleaners to thoroughly clean your car upholstery fabric to remove any stubborn stains.

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