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How To Keep Your Fabric Shears Sharp

Posted by on 11/23/2016 to Blog

Good quality fabric shears are a pleasure to use when working with fabrics and keeping them sharp and aligned helps make work easier and faster. Unfortunately, it is not always given that they will remain so and most people do not understand how to care for fabric shears, or how to keep them sharp and perfectly aligned. In the following article, we give you tips on how you can keep your fabric shears in top shape.

Start with high quality fabric shears

If you use fabric shears a lot, it is wise to invest in good quality fabric shears to start with. This is because high quality fabric shears are far more likely to last longer and stay sharper for longer than cheap metal or plastic alternatives. They also are unlikely to break easily or get misaligned if they fall on to a hard surface. Good quality fabric shears can be found in many DIY and upholstery outlets and will save you a lot of trouble and money down the road.

Avoid dropping your fabric shears

As noted earlier, dropping fabric shears on the ground poses the risk of misaligning the blades and thus making them less effective at cutting fabric. Always keep your work area tidy as most of these falls are as a result of an untidy workplace. Also ensure that your fabric shears are kept away from the edges of the table when not in use.

If you are not immediately using your fabric shears, it is a good idea to keep them away in your tool box or in the storage space where you normally keep them and away from the work area. Apart from damaging your shears, dropping your fabric shears can pose a safety risk especially if you are not wearing the right kind of foot wear for the work area.

Use your fabric shears to cut fabric

The quality of fabric shears is affected when you use your shears to cut other things other than fabric. If you need to cut paper or other non-fabric material, it is wise to get paper scissors for this purpose and save your fabric shears for cutting fabric only.

Sharpen your fabric shears

Although there are simple methods that you can use at home to sharpen your fabric shears, it is often advisable to get a professional knife sharpener to keep them sharp and working perfectly. If such a professional is not available or it is not practical to use one, you can use sandpaper or aluminum foil to sharpen them. Cut little strips of either sandpaper or aluminum foil with your fabric shears using broad strokes. You will realize that as you cut, the shears will grow sharper and sharper.  Another common method of sharpening your shears is to use a glass jar (also known as Mason jar) to sharpen your shears. Using this method, simply place the side of the glass jar (or the open rim) between the blades of your fabric shears and make cutting motions as if trying to cut through the glass. The shears will slide along the glass and as they does, the glass will sharpen the blades of the shears.

Avoid moisture

If working with metal shears, it is a good idea to avoid keeping them in moist places to minimize the risk of rust and other damage that might be caused by moisture on the metal.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot to keep your fabric shears working in top condition. These steps described above are neither expensive nor complicated and can easily be done by anyone. There really is no reason why you should ever let your fabric shears be dull or misaligned.

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