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How To Clean Your Velcro Fasteners

Posted by on 11/21/2016 to Blog

Velcro is a simple and effective fastening device that has become almost ubiquitous in nature. It is found practically everywhere, from shoes to bags to clothing and everything in between. Because of its wide usage, there naturally arises the need to clean the item with the Velcro and the question of how to clean the Velcro fastener itself often come up.

Apart from the dirt that comes with the item which the Velcro is fastening, there is also the problem of unwanted items attaching themselves to the Velcro fastener. These include lint, hair and other unwanted substances. In low levels, these substances have little effect on the fastener as long as the hooks still attach to the loops. However, as the unwanted substances accumulate, they interfere with the ability of the hooks to attach to the loops with the net effect that the fastener does not attach as firmly as it should.

This creates a real danger of your items spilling out from the bag onto the ground or into the water (in the case when you are using marine Velcro). This is why careful attention must be paid to the Velcro fasteners to ensure that they stay clean and free of any loose material that might stick on the fibres. In this article, we give you tips on how to clean your Velcro fastener in order to keep it in top shape.

Using your fingers or a sharp object

If the unwanted substances are large and can easily be pulled out, the most effective way of getting them out is to use your fingers to pluck them off. This works especially well with long strands of hair or other fibres that may get stuck on the loops.  If they are too small to pluck with your fingers or too meshed within the loops, you can consider using a sharp pointed object like a pin or toothpick. Try and work along the rows of the hooks so as to ensure that all the unwanted material is pulled out.

Brushing with a dry brush

Use a dry brush and run along the rows of loops on the fastener to remove any unwanted material that you may have missed out while using your fingers or sharp object. For small strips of Velcro such as those on sports shoes and small bags, one can use an old but firm toothbrush for this purpose.

There are also specially made Velcro cleaning brushes that are designed to remove unwanted substances from the fastener without damaging the hooks or loops. If you have a lot of items that are fastened with Velcro and that tend to accumulate unwanted substances on the Velcro, you might consider investing in such a brush to make your cleaning work easier.

Lint remover

Lint remover works just as effectively in removing lint from the hook and loop fastener. An adhesive lint roller worked across the Velcro will lift the lint and other unwanted substances right off the Velcro.

As you can see, there are many ways of keeping your Velcro clean and working effectively. Remember that you don’t have to remove every tiny little speck of dirt from your Velcro fastener. You just need to keep it in a state where the fastener is working effectively and the unwanted substances in the hook and loop are not interfering with the ability of the fastener to hold together firmly. This is especially true for fasteners that are hidden away in the folds of clothing or shoes and are not immediately visible. Remember also that cleaning with inappropriate tools or material can end up damaging the Velcro fastener and impairing its ability to work effectively.

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