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How To Choose Quality Outdoor Upholstery Fabric Like A Pro

Posted by on 10/28/2016 to Blog

Are you planning to get some outdoor upholstery fabric but you not sure how to pick one that is of high quality? You are not alone. So many people end up choosing the wrong quality of outdoor upholstery simply because they don’t know how to tell between high quality fabric and low quality fabric. Some simply pick fabrics just because the price is right for them. The first step to choosing the right quality outdoor upholstery is to look for a store that specializes in outdoor upholstery and ask for their advice on what can work for you. Read on to get to find out how to choose quality outdoor upholstery like a pro.

Check for durability

Always ask a sales person whether a fabric is for light, medium or heavy use. This way you can be able to select a fabric depending on its durability. Take for instance the awning fabrics; they are durable and highly weather resistant. They are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and they do not fade easily. You need a fabric that will last so that you don’t have to keep replacing after some time. Choose engineered fabrics which are stronger compared to natural ones.

Choose the right color

You definitely need to choose an upholstery fabric that is attractive and one that brings about an aesthetic feel. There are very many varieties of colors and you need to decide whether you want your furniture to give an urban, edgy vibe or a vintage look. What kind of mood do you want to create?

You can never go wrong with solid hues since they can be spruced up with different color accents to create a mood you are looking to set. Be careful when you choose to go with a current color trend when choosing upholstery fabric since they tend to go out of style quick and you may be forced to change them if you no longer find the look attractive.

Choose a pattern that suits you

The number one rule when choosing a fabric pattern for your outdoor upholstery is that you should avoid having large patterns on small pieces of furniture. Always choose a pattern that accentuates the geometry of the furniture. Don’t settle for patterns that are cut off at odd angles. They can easily destroy the symmetry of a beautiful pattern. Bold patterns work well in large rooms and when mixing patterns, always start with the most complex and balance out the other patterns around it.

Decide on a style

You can never go wrong in style when you match traditional fabric on classic furniture. Modern fabrics on the other hand, go well with contemporary equipment. However, you are not limited to stick to these style rules and you should get creative and get adventurous by mixing different fabric materials. If you are not sure what style you are looking for, work with a designer to help you come up with a style that will suit you.

Calculate the maintenance cost

Let’s say you get a fabric that fits all the above criteria but will cost more on maintenance to keep it looking good and new. Ask to find out what is required to maintain the fabric you choose and calculate how much you will be spending on maintenance costs and see whether it’s worth it. Ask your supplier to send you a sample of the fabric and then compress and stretch it to see if the structure changes drastically. Most companies that supply upholstery fabric are willing to send a few samples your way for you to check out before you make a decision.

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