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With Your Vision & Our Products,
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#69 Bonded Nylon Thread - Tonka Toast

Part Number:THE-3025
#69 Bonded Nylon Thread - Tonka Toast
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#69 Bonded 3 ply Nylon Thread - Tonka Toast is known for it's excellent sewability, high strength, resistance to abrasion, wear and its controlled stretch and recovery properties. 69 Nylon Thread is unaffected by mildew or rot. This thread is finished with a combination of waxes, silicones and oils that are specially designed to facilitate the sewing operation. They provide consistent machine tensions and loop formation and afford protection from needle heat to ensure good sewability and to prevent the fusing of thread and fabric yarns. This treatment bonds the individual filaments and plies together and guards against abrasion and unraveling of threads during sewing.\

Break Strength: 11.5 lbs.

Content: 100% Type 6.6 DuPont bright nylon.

Elongation: 16-20% Min-Max.

Light Fastness: Good to excellent.

Melting: Melts at 480-500 degrees F/ 252-260 degrees C. Sticks at 445 degrees F/ 229 degrees C. Yellows slightly at 300 degrees F when held for 5 hours.

Wash Fastness: Good to excellent.

Strength: ASTM D2256-97 46.4 N Tenacity At Break: ASTM D2256-97 .56 N/tex Elongation At Break: ASTM D2256-97 11.3%.

Uses: Used in a variety of sewing operations ranging from automotive, apparel, and footwear to government contract work.

Ultraviolet: U.V. treated and has a good resistance to strength loss, although prolonged exposure to sunlight causes some deterioration.

Volume: 6000 yards, 1 pound.

Sold each.

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